Zen Stones Necklace Sensory Chew - Navy



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Bold, big, and adaptable the Zen stone necklace is multifunctional, you can choose to wear it as a statement necklace with all three gems, adapt and just have one on the cord (leaving the other two as spares), or take them all off the cord and use as little worry stones. The stippled texture provides calming sensory feedback to assist with your self-regulation.

Inspired by those who like ‘some’ texture but not too much, the zen stone texture hits this spot, allowing you to gently rub your fingers and thumb over the subtle indentations and ridges and feel calming sensations wash over you.  

  • Subtle stippled texture enjoyed by those who need gentle tactile input
  • Adaptable – change to 1 piece necklace or remove and use as worry stones
  • Co-ordinating soft silky cord
  • Adored by tactile seekers and chewers alike

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