STEM - Force and Motion Activity Set



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This kit has been specifically designed to engage and inspire primary children in science, technology, engineering and maths lessons to develop enthusiasm from a young age.

  • All inclusive kit provides real S.T.E.M learning for young children
  • Bright set engages primary learners in the understanding of key physics concepts including:
    • Gravity
    • Inertia
    • Friction
    • Push and pull
  • Children conduct hands-on investigations and record data to find the optimum situation for each activity
  • Good introduction to problem solving
  • Ideal solo or small group activity
  • STEM activity set includes:
    • Pendulum with frame
    • Trellis
    • Two plastic tracks featuring different textures
    • Two miniature cars
    • 2 weighted blocks
    • Ten activity cards
    • Multilingual activity guide
  • Trellis measures 23.5cm H
  • Roadway tracks measure 30cm L
  • Cars measure 7cm L

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