Splashology!™ Water Lab Classroom Set



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Splashology! The crazy, water splashing, action fun! Children can use the multiple tools for hands-on experiments in the bath, the beach or even a water table. Learn about volume, buoyancy, water flow and more with this classroom set!

Dive into the wonders of water with this classroom water science kit with the splash-filled experiments for kids of Splashology! Water Lab.

  • Ready for the water table, this experiment set teaches STEM at play through water activities for kids that introduce volume, buoyancy, flow, and more with every splish and splash.
  • The Splashology! Water Lab supports both guided and open-ended play - follow along with the lab's seven included kids' experiments (which come printed on waterproof cards), or use the pieces to explore every splash and bubble with a teacher’s supervision.
  • Ride the waves with the Floaty Boat tray, squirt streams of water with the Splash Syringe, or turn your sink into homemade bubbles kit with the lab's three bubble wands!
  • Each of Splashology! Water Lab's pieces is made from durable plastic and foam, so they're ready to use again and again.
  • Pieces also wash clean for easy storage until the next wet and wild STEM playtime.
  • Includes:
    • 2 Foam floaters
    • 1 Splash syringe
    • 2 Short test tubes with caps
    • 1 Tall test tube with cap
    • 1 Floater flask with lid
    • 1 Round floater flask with stopper
    • Funnel
    • 3 Bubble wands on a ring
    • 1 Floaty-boat tray
    • Waterproof experiment cards
    • 1 Twisty dropper
    • 1 Squeezy bottle
    • 1 Water spinner
    • 1 Scissor scooper
  • Multilingual Water Lab Activity Guide
  • Largest part Floating test tube holder measures 21.9cm L x 11.75cm W

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