Soft Foam Emoji Dice - Pack of 200


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Develop social and emotional skills with these brightly coloured cubes. Images and prompts will encourage young children to think about how they're feeling and to talk about their emotions.

  • Appealing colourful cubes feature familiar emoji faces to get children talking
  • Roll the emoji face cubes for children to name the emotion displayed
  • Roll the written prompt cubes and encourage children to write, or talk, about how they're feeling
  • Discussions will help to improve early speech and language skills
  • Set of four cubes
    • Two featuring emoji faces
    • Two featuring written prompts
  • Written prompts involve secondary emotions e.g. What makes you nervous?
  • Ideal solo or group activity
  • Emoji cubes are made from soft foam for quiet play
  • Emoji cubes measure 4cm
  • Set of four cubes

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