Snap-n-Learn™ Number Turtles



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  • Encourage young children to master early learning skills in a snap with these colourful, three-piece plastic turtles.

    • Printed turtles are easy for little hands to snap together and pull apart
    • Activity set encourages a variety of early numeracy skills
      • Counting (numbers 1-5)
      • Number recognition
      • Shape recognition
      • Colour Recognition
    • Set features five different colours: red, orange, green, blue and purple
    • Set features five different shapes: circle, rectangle, triangle, square and pentagon
    • Early learners match the baby turtle with the corresponding mummy turtle before snapping the shell on top
    • Colourful mummy turtles feature shapes on their shell
    • Matching baby turtles feature a number on their shell
    • Children also develop fine motor skills as they snap these creatures together
    • Turtles  can also be used to expand imaginative play opportunities
    • Mummy Turtles measure 11cm L x 8cm W x 4cm H
    • Set includes:
      • 5 two-piece mummy turtles with removable shells
      • 5 baby turtles
    • Colourful pets come in a useful storage bucket

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