Serving Shapes Tea Set


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Toddlers can combine imaginative play activities and early numeracy skills with this colourful toy tea set.

  • Introduce early numeracy skills through play with this Serving Shapes Tea Set
  • Encourage early learners to place the correct cup on the correct saucer, matching by shape or colour
  • Saucers feature uniquely shaped pegs, allowing for self checking
  • Colourful imaginative play set encourages a variety of early numeracy skills including:
    • Shape recognition
    • Colour recognition
    • Number recognition
    • Counting (numbers 1-5)
    • Matching
  • Set features five common colours: red, orange, yellow, green and blue
  • Plastic cups and teapot feature five everyday shapes: circle, heart, triangle, square and pentagon
  • 11 piece set includes: teapot, five teacups and five saucers
  • Tea pot measures 13cm H x 20cm W
  • Cups and saucers fit neatly into the teapot for easy storage
  • Features multilingual packaging

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