Pocket Money Bingo



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BINGO! Engage young children with this easy-to-play game that will encourage a sense of financial awareness from an early age. Realistic looking play money will extend the learning into coin recognition too!

  • Easy-to-play Bingo-style game play will develop a variety of basic money-related numeracy skills:
    • Coin value recognition
    • Early financial awareness
    • Counting money
    • Money-themed equivalency skills
  • Players will develop coin recognition skills as they begin to identify coin value by the realistic artwork
  • Game play requires players to total up different monetary values, helping to develop basic financial awareness
  • Game play is suitable for the whole family to enjoy
  • Game includes two levels of play
  • Game box includes:
    • Double-sided game spinner showing "heads" on one side and "tails" on the reverse
    • Four double-sided Bingo cards showing coins on one side and objects with prices on the reverse
    • 65 HM treasury approved play money coins (13 each of 20p and 5p, 11 each of x 50p and 10p, 7 x £1, 5 x £2, 3 x 2p and 2 x 1p coins)
  • Bingo cards measure 20cm L x 16.5cm W
  • For 2-4 players
  • Features multilingual packaging and instructions

How to play

  • Place the spinner and play coins on the table
  • Players take it in turns to spin the spinner and add up the coin values shown in the inner and outer sections
  • On their spin, players check their bingo cards to see if any of the squares show the exact value shown on the spinner. If they do, the player takes the correct coins and places them on that square
  • The first player to cover three squares in a row is the winner!

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