PedaYoga Discovery Mat



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Kid-sized yoga mat made of absorbent microfiber that provides hours of fun at school, daycare, in the garden or at home. Discover 36 different yoga poses perfectly integrated in an attractive landscape design. This discovery mat introduces young children to yoga and offers many game possibilities (observing the drawings and describing what you see, reproducing the yoga poses identified among the drawings, telling a story based on the observed pictures...). This mat is therefore both educational and fun to use. This thin mat can be used by itself or placed on top of a thicker yoga mat. Loop in corner for easy hanging and drying. You can also attach our PedaYoga Mini Cards to this loop to enable each kid to create its own session.
Comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage.
Fabric composition: 80% polyester, 20% nylon. Ideal for 4-8 years old.

PedaYoga is a playful method to introduce yoga to children. The mission of PedaYoga is to integrate yoga into the children educational system to help their development in concentration and stimulate their learning. PedaYoga also provides advice and tools that help children move, sleep better, promote their well-being, build their self-esteem and become aware of their bodies. The PedaYoga product range provides simple but effective tools specially adapted for bringing the yoga concept to children. No need to be a yoga professional to be able to use this simple mind-body program and to organize yoga sessions/moments in a class or with children at home.

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