Original CanDo Theraputty 3oz (6 Colours - 6 Strengths)



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CanDo® Theraputty® hand exercise material is the standard in resistive hand exercise material. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm for developing a stronger grip. Available in convenient easy-to-open plastic containers (2, 3, 4 and 6 ounce) for individual patients to use at home and a choice of larger containers (1 and 5 pound) for the hospital or clinic. CanDo® Theraputty® material is gluten, latex and casein free

Tubs of 85g/3oz each: Tan=Extra Soft, Yellow=Soft, Red=Soft/Medium, Green=Medium, Blue=Firm, Black=Extra Firm



  • Effectively exercise and strengthen your hands
  • 6 colours – 6 strengths
  • Lightweight & non-greasy
  • Won’t stick to skin or under fingernails
  • Each pot contains 85gm of putty

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