Orchard Toys Contrárthachtaí Feirme (Farm Animal Opposites)

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Contrárthachtaí Feirme


Aois: 3-6

24 cinn sa bhosca

As Gaeilge version of Orchard Toys Farm Opposites Jigsaw Game.

A delightful set of 24 mini puzzles with a farmyard theme in Irish, each with just 2 pieces, so perfect for younger children. Each puzzle shows a pair of images which will teach your child about opposites as Gaeilge, using bright colours and cheerful illustrations. There is a donkey, shown from the front and the back; a big pink pig next to a little tiny piglet; a heavy sack of potatoes with a light feather floating next to it. The corresponding words also appear with the pictures, so the puzzles will help children with their literacy and reading skills. There is plenty to talk about within each little puzzle; why is the snail so slow, when the rabbit can go bounding past so fast? Why is the farmer so happy in one picture but so sad in the other? Why does the scarecrow near to us look so much bigger than the one that is far away? You can also pick one of a pair of cards and ask your child if they know what the opposite word is without looking at the picture. Each mini-puzzle is just 13.5cms x 7cms, and they are made with strong recycled board. Each piece of the puzzle will only fit with it’s correct partner. Although ideally suited to children aged from 3 to 6, slightly younger children will still enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together and talking about the pictures.

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