On the Move Skillastics



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On the Move Skillastics (Half Pint Skillastics in the US) introduces young children (ages 3-5) or Special Needs adults to a variety of movement skills as well as encouraging creativity and imagination in a non-competitive but active environment. On the Move Skillastics promotes color, number and shape recognition helping to solidify these skills prior to entering grade school. But it happens on the move, featuring 36 age appropriate fun activities. With simple rules and easy to follow activities, On the Move Skillastics can be used by those who are not physical education experts with excellent results.

On the Move Skillastics brings the fun on for pre-school and is also an excellent resource for large classes or for those working with children or adults with special needs.
This package includes 36 activity cards, one color recognition die, one shape recognition die, detailed explanation of rules and how to teach each activity (in different languages) and a convenient nylon storage bag.

Skillastics® is a series of evidence-based oversized board games that develop children’s fitness & sport skills by fully engaging up to 100 children at one time in an organized, fun and non-competitive atmosphere.
Skillastics® games encourage all students regardless of age or ability to have a positive experience being physically active.

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