Nancy B's Science Club® Reflections Kaleidoscope


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Encourage children to feel comfortable about science with hands-on tools and real-life journaling activities!

Support STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) learning with this fully adjustable Kaleidoscope.

  • Primary learners will investigate how reflections work
  • Introduces key scientific principles:
    • Light
    • Reflection
    • Angle measurement
    • patterns
  • 22-page activity journal encourage creative thinking and features a selection of investigations with room to record results
  • Kaleidoscope features fully adjustable mirrors and degree gauge
  • Features water tight chamber for adding objects and liquids
  • Use without the chamber to view the world with a kaleidoscopic effect
  • Kit includes colourful beads, craft mirror and ball for extended experimentation
  • Kaleidoscope measures 28.5cm L

Recommended for children aged 3+

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