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Load up the train with bright, colorful shapes and get learning off to a rolling start! The 15 easy-to-grasp wooden blocks slot onto rods on the flatcars, providing a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills. For even more play value: The blocks can also be used for stacking, building, and sorting, and the smooth-rolling train cars detach to shorten the train or let children play with the cars individually.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Have kids count the number of cars on the train. Ask them to point to the car that has only one shape of "cargo" block. If the child is not familiar with the shape, explain that it is a rectangle.
  • Have kids remove all the blocks from the train and sort them by color. Count each color group with them. Repeat the activity until they are able to count each group independently.
  • Place all the blocks in a row and have kids count them all. Repeat the activity until they are able to count all 15 blocks.
  • Sort the blocks by color and place them in four piles on the floor, making four "train stations." Have kids push the train around the floor, stopping at each "station" to load up the train with the blocks. Encourage kids to make fun train sounds and to call out, "All aboard!" as they stack the blocks!

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