Hoot the Fine Motor Owl


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Whoooooo's that adorable owl? It's Hoot the Fine Motor Owl, a wise addition to the collection of fine motor toys for toddlers!

  • Inspired by the bestselling Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog.
  • Hoot is here to help kids prepare for preschool success with four fun activities.
  • Cuter than your average developmental toys, this fine motor skills owl is designed to build and strengthen the different areas of hand strength and coordination included in school readiness checklists.
  • Kids practice pincer grip by spinning Hoot's eyes, build hand strength by squeaking Hoot's nose, and work on hand-eye coordination by dropping four coins into Hoot's slot.
  • Once the coins are inside, use scissor skills to flap Hoot's wings and send the coins tumbling out his sides!
  • It's a friendly twist on the usual fine motor games for kids!
  • In addition to all of the fine motor fun, Hoot's coins also offer an introduction to colour, shape, and number recognition skills, and store inside of Hoot's slot for easy clean-up.
  • Includes:
    • 1 Hoot the Busy Owl
    • 5 Play coins, colours may vary
  • Hoot measures 15.5cm H x 17cm W.

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