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Young scientists can view 3D objects up close and crystal clear with GeoSafari® Stereoscope. This fully functional microscope is designed specifically for kids and lets children take an up-close look at the 12 included rock samples, or any found object. Place the specimen onto the viewing stage, choose from 10x and 20x magnification, turn on the light and take a look!


Bring everyday 3D objects into magnificent, magnified focus with 10x and 20x magnification and easy-to-use double lenses.

  • Get kids excited about science with this real working science tool that lets children view 3D objects up close and crystal clear.
  • Designed specifically for kids, the Stereoscope features two extra-large eyepieces (no need to close one eye!) and 10x and 20x magnification, an easy-focus knob, and a sturdy viewing stage with a top-mounted LED light for a magnificent, magnified view of opaque objects like fossils, rocks, insects, and more.
  • Place one of the 12 included rock samples (or any found object) on the stage of the Stereoscope, then turn on the light and take a closer look.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor STEM learning.
  • Measures 25cm H x 15cm W x 15cm L.
  • Requires 2AA batteries not included.

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