GeoSafari® Jr My First Microscope


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View anything at up to 8x magnification with this real working microscope designed by a scientist and mother of two specifically for pre-schoolers. Two extra-large eyepieces eliminate the need to close one eye. The fixed stage holds flat and 3D objects – no slides needed – and a bright LED light with easy push-button action lights up details for up-close discovery.

A fully functional microscope for kids designed especially for little hands!

  • The chunky design makes this perfect as a child's first microscope.
  • Early learning microscope is easy-to-use.
  • First years microscope features two large eye pieces, eliminating the need to close one eye.
  • Easy-to-use microscope includes knob for simple focusing.
  • LED light enhances viewing of small details.
  • 8x magnification.
  • Includes instructions.

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