Digital “Twist” Jumbo Timer


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Timer clock "Digital + Twist", 3 fixed times + digital clock

This plastic clock is a clock and timer all in one. It can be used as a normal digital clock with alarm, but also has 3 preset fixed timerswhich can be easily set by rotating the clock.

The time is clearly visible on the large displayand can be toggled between 12 and 24-hour display. A special feature of the display is that the time is always visible as the display always remains vertical when turning the clock.
A 10-second background light can be switched on using a button.
An alarm can also be set which also has a snooze function.

The 3 fixed countdown timers of 5, 10 and 15 minutes can be started at any time by turning the clock so that the corresponding time is facing up. This makes setting the time quick and easy.
To stop the timer, simply return the clock to its time-displaying position. Pausing is possible by pushing a button on the back. The digital countdown display shows how much time remains to the second and a signal sounds at the end, after which the clock begins to count up. This lets you keep track of any lapsed time.

Due to the battery operation, the clock runs completely silently. The wide base keeps the clock secure and prevents it from tipping over.

With comprehensive teacher's guide

Dimensions: approx. 10 x 10 x 3.5 cm
Battery type: AAA (x3)

  • Digital clock with alarm and snooze function
  • 3 pre-set times
  • Silent operation with battery
  • Acoustic alarm and background illumination


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