Countdown Timer - 20cm x 20cm


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This backwards-running clock shows your pupils how much time they have left to hand in or finish their work, to the minute.
The special thing about this clock is that the clock face is mirrored. The coloured disc - and therefore the time - count down clockwise as usual when learning the time.

The visual, analogue representation of the remaining time in the coloured field gives time information at a glance without affecting concentration on the actual task.
In addition, the visualised time representation helps the pupils to allocate their time independently.

Due to the battery operation, the clock runs silently. At the end of the set running time, a signal sounds that can be made loud/quiet or silent. A special feature of this clock is that 8 different levels can be selected for the duration of the sequence signal.

With base, wall suspension hole and rear magnet for attaching to the board.

Size: approx. 20 x 20 cm

Battery type: AA (x2)

The accurate remaining time display encourages understanding and responsibility with regard to:

  • Time
  • Use of time
  • Time management

Also practical help with time management at parents' evenings.

  • Protective glass for the clock face
  • Clock face mirrored for course of time in a clockwise direction
  • Silent operation with battery
  • Handy turning knob to adjust the coloured disc
  • Constant colour-highlighted display of current time remaining
  • Final signal can be configured to be loud, quiet or silent and with different durations
  • With fold-out stand, rear magnet and wall-hanging hole

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