Chubes - Green



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A single Chube threaded on cotton cord, matte effect. They come on a long cord, so you can adjust to make a necklace that’s right for you or you can add them to your hoody strings. They all come with 3 spares and so can be used as replacements for a single effect necklace or make them up with 2,3 or 4 on the one cord or add them to your hoody strings! Your choice! All with a breakaway clasp.   The other option with these is to keep the cord long, or cut and retie the clasps for a shorter style necklace!   A durable pendant – suitable for mild – moderate chewers.

Each Chube is…

Length 5.5cm

Width 1.3cm

Thickness 0.4cm either side of the hole

Long cord approx. 80cm easily cut to a desired length 


  • DURABILITY - 2/3
  • FIRMNESS - 1/3

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