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Let’s code! Meet Botley® 2.0 The Coding Robot, the next generation of award-winning Botley that introduces coding in an easy, fun way. Children as young as five can start coding in minutes with Botley 2.0. With its new advanced features, kids will enjoy many play-filled years to come. Botley 2.0 is 100% screen-free and ideal for first-time as well as experienced young coders.


Botley 2.0 is the new kids coding toy for even more 100% screen-free coding fun. Perfect for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills, it’ll have kids coding in minutes.


Ideal for encouraging STEM learning through play.

Use the Remote Programmer to programme a sequence of up to 150 steps in six directions.

Turn off the lights and see Botley 2.0’s eyes light up. You can even change the colour! Or programme by colour and watch Botley 2.0 put on a cool light show and dance to the beat.

Botley 2.0 has a playful personality and loves games. Play a game of Botley Says where players listen and repeat the musical sequences. Unlock hidden features and turn Botley 2.0 into a ghost, police car and more.

Navigate obstacles with its advanced object detection function.

The gaming-style remote features big buttons that are easy for little hands to use. Buttons are also colour-coded to make it fun and easy for kids to get going with coding.

Contains one Botley 2.0 robot, Remote Programmer, two detachable face plates, and 40 Coding cards.

Botley 2.0 measures 13cm W x 7cm H x 8.5cm D

Requires 5 AAA batteries (3 for Botley and 2 for the remote) not included.

Features multilingual packaging and guide.

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