Bijoux Sensory Chew Bangle - Adult - Teal Blue



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The Bijoux bangle had tactile seekers at the center of its design.

Inspired by direct feedback from our customers that we had a gap in our range. People who needed differing textures to satisfy their sensory needs but found the glossy, smooth finish on some of our original bangles did not meet the tactile sensation they were seeking. So Jenny and Stuart set to work to create this piece that met this requirement. Different-sized linked beads and a stippled texture have worked a treat for those looking for a wider variety in their tactile input.

  • Sensory stipple effect on each bead
  • 2 sizes of beads molded together creating a range in sensations when rubbed
  • Discreet and stylish
  • Flexible and squishable, making it a great stim aid.
  • Perfect for redirecting nail biters and sleeve chewers

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