Bermuda Sensory Chew Bangle - Adult



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Picture yourself heading out with friends, this bangle in a range of colours can match your outfit and be either a statement piece in its own right or blend with your outfit. Finding the noise and bustle of the restaurant a bit overwhelming? Your Bermuda Bangle is on hand to squeeze and rub under the table or twiddle on your wrist, allowing you to self-regulate and calm. 

It blends in with loads of outfits and most people wouldn’t realise that it is a ‘chew tool’.”

This bangle has a matching pendant available, so why not treat yourself to the full set! Link to Jazz pendant. 

  • Glossy and smooth finish 
  • Soothing stimmable feel
  • Discreet for work or socialising
  • Strong with a nice bounce-back for satisfying oral input
  • Perfect for redirecting nail biters and sleeve chewers

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