So they are finally back to school

The second week is almost done and dusted😅 All the little first timers finding their feet in their new surroundings and new teachers. Not only is it something new for our little ones but for us Mammys and Daddys too, right?😁 How many of us didn't sleep the night before??👐👐 We sure didn't!! Running through all the things they needed for their day in your head, making sure everything is set out for the morning. Your in a frazzle while they're sleeping soundly👌👌 Then the big day arrives and your stomach is doing flips and you're holding back the lump in your throat as your handing over ur precious Johnny or Janey. Lets not mention the clock watching till its time to pick them u🤣🤣⏱⏱ But on the otherhand if you're a seasoned pro, you'll have been the one who was skipping out of that school yard, thinking to yourself 'Yes!!! I can finally have my cuppa in peace, pee by myself, sure jesus i might even have a nap!!😂😂' . All the while, Janey and Johnny are having a blast in school! All that stress was worth it, we get to see our little people so happy and content because they're  making new memories, forging new friendships, that we hope that will last a life time. We do so much for our children and every bit is worth it. 
At the end of the day no matter what path your child is taking, you, as their Mammy or Daddy are made of strong stuff and will guide and nurture their hopes and dreams, even if you look like you havent had time to brush your hair in a week or.... to look down at your feet to realise you have two odd shoes on, your top is back to front and inside out all because little Johnny thought you didnt need sleep last night because he NEEDED to tell you the intricate workings of minecraft😂😂👐👐
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