Just a little message to say hi.

Welcome to our wee world, a mad busy world at that!! Three crazy children, 2 nut job dogs and a beautiful wife (see i give compliments!). So....what brought me to start this wonderful vocation? Autism! Yep, not just once but twice. We embraced our new path head on, finding out everything we could, you name it, we tried it! But... one of the harder things to find, at a reasonable price were sensory toys, accessories, fine motor, gross motor aids etc etc (you know the drill). So one sunny day (rain and sleet and snow!!) down in our humble little town in the south east, came this light bulb moment to my sleep deprived greying wrinkly little head, why not start up your own business helping everyone in the same walk of life as your own!!?? So here we are... Fuddy Duddy, a helping hand for all our little people... "SEE THEIR IMAGINATIONS GROW" XX
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